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Talented Athletes of Swimming / Water Polo - Athletes with High Goals - National Team Athletes

Ergometric Control &
Athlete Evaluation

Comparative Data

Improvement Programs



Laboratory & Pool Measurements

  • General fitness – Endurance
  • Maximum oxygen uptake
  • Joint flexibility
  • Power of the lower body
  • Wrist and shoulder area strength
  • Strength resistance
  • Speed power of the upper and lower body
  • Isokinetic control
  • Muscle group balance check
  • Flexibility
  • Explosiveness
  • Reaction time
  • Performance curve analysis
  • Swimming speed and heart rate at aerobic and anaerobic threshold
  • Rhythm of blood lactate accumulation
  • Rhythm of blood lactate removal
  • Strengthening of the upper body and land training using the VASA Trainer
  • Technique check through the VASA Trainer
  • Hematological – Biochemical Blood check
  • Fat mass – Muscle mass
  • Shoulder area power
  • Technique analysis via video
  • Analysis of causes of blood lactate
  • Nutrition support
  • Post-injury reintegration control
  • Determination of weaknesses in performance
  • Determination of appropriate training zones
  • Improvement check using over time data (with analytic evidence and graphs)
  • Written, detailed and personal performance report
  • Suggestions for performance improvement
  • Coach/trainer debrief