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SciFitLab is the first fully equipped private sport and exercise physiology centre in Cyprus, created to meet the enormous needs in the field of scientific support, research and innovation across the spectrum of sport and health.

The founder, having a multi-year experience in sports and being an athlete herself at the highest level with many distinctions in Cyprus and abroad, realized the huge gap that existed in terms of scientific support for athletes and individuals that wanted to lead a healthy active lifestyle.

Her vision is to offer information through specialized scientific measurements to athletes in order to achieve their goals and improve their performance but also to everyday people thus improving their quality of life.

Scientific approach, innovative thinking and research related to all sports individually as well as to the health sector are the key elements that make SciFitLab a model laboratory.

Through specialized equipment and the appropriate measurements, the needs of everyone are optimally covered: from the simple everyday person to the professional athlete.

Our purpose is to offer you the highest support to accomplish your goals and conquer your dreams!

SciFitLab Sofia Papadopoulou


BSc Biochemistry (Germany)
MSc Biomedical Sciences (Medical Biochemistry) (UK)
MSc Sports & Exercise Science (Physiology) (UK)

She was part of the Cyprus national swimming team for 9 years (2008-2017) with significant distinctions.

She did a work placement at SportsClinic Thessaloniki, run by Dr. Georgios Ziogas, during which she assisted and worked on laboratory test as well as field testing.

Academic background
  • Holder of Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from Tübingen Universität in Germany (2013-2016)
  • Holder of Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences (Medical Biochemistry) from Cardiff Metropolitan University in Wales (2016-2017)
  • Holder of Master of Science in Sport and Exercise Science (Physiology) also from Cardiff Metropolitan University in Wales (2017-2018)
Research areas
  • Analysis of training adaptation and PTDC effect on muscle cells (diaphragm and heart).
  • Effect of Manuka honey and its components on the production of inflammatory mediators by human dermal fibroblasts (HDF-alpha).
  • The effect of exercise on the diving response and on breath-hold time in male and female competitive swimmers.